AV,AF, F/5,1/80sec, ISO3200, 80mm
AV,AF, F/5.6, 1/125sec, ISO3200,100mm
AV,AF,F5.6, 1/125sec, ISO3200, 80mm
AV,AF,F/5, 1/80sec,ISO3200,80mm
  1. Handsome


My all about me collage is filled with stuff that I like, such as shows, food and things I enjoy doing. My favorite fruit is Granada/ pomegranate. I have a tree of them and when they start growing me and my dad go and pick them out. I also like grapes, mango, papaya, and coco. These are my favorite fruits, I eat it by cutting it up and putting lemon and tapatio on it.

On my free time I enjoy watching Netflix, YouTube or listening to music. On Netflix I watch my favorite show which is Greys Anatomy. I’ve watched it like 5 times and I still cry. Listening to music is my way in relaxing myself. The bunnies represent my favorite animals. Those type of chanclas are my favorite. when I go to Mexico I’m going to by myself more. I enjoy watching the sunset a lot. To me it is really relaxing.

I enjoy drawing, I’m not really good at it but the things I enjoy drawing are butterflies and flowers. The flowers and butters would be something I would try to draw *I didn’t draw those*. I enjoy doing makeup but only on my self. My favorite food is sushi, tacos, and tortas. My favorite chips are ruffles with a lot of lemon and tapatio. I also like tostilocos its a snack I enjoy.

Framing Composition

1/125 sec, f/5.0, ISO 3200,A.P, 39.00 mm

1/250 sec, f/5.0, ISO 3200, A.P, 39.00 mm

  1. I used Tv mode to get the right exposure.
  2. I think I does because I have leading lines in my fist picture.
  3. I edited them to where my images where sharp and clear.
  4. I would use a different frame.
  5. I honestly don’t think it belongs on the blogs home page because it isn’t the best work.

Action Motion Photography

1/160 sec, f/7.1, ISO 400, 34.00mm

1/60 sec, f/8, ISO 400, 21.00mm

250th, f/2, 300mm
60th, f/16, 20mm

To get a motion blur photo you have to have a slower shutter speed. Adjust your Aperture to a smaller mode. You need to stabilize your camera. Often photographers use a tripod to take motion blur photo. Good motion blur image/photo requires speed, lighting, and camera stability.

To get a good action sharp photo you should have a faster shutter speed. You should also adjust your aperture because that has a big part in getting a sharper image. You should use a “central focal point”. Good lighting is also important for getting a sharp imagine. Having to much light can be bad because it does the opposite effect of what you want.

File Formats

TIFF: It is a common file format that transfers color or grey-scale images.

JPEG: It is called the ““lossy compression” it loses and deletes some data from it.

GIF: Its a display that of an image that recognizes the image in full screen

PNG: Its a decent texture format

Depth Of Field

1/200sec., f/5.6 ISO 800, 55.00 mm
1/85sec, f/5.6 , ISO 800, 33.00 mm
I think the aperture of this photo is f5.6,m and the shutter speed is 1/125 sec
In this photo I think the aperture is f22 and the shutter speed would be either 1/1000 or 1/500


Angle:1/125 sec, f/18, ISO 400, 55.00mm

up:1/125 sec, f/18, ISO 400, 46.00mm
straight:1/125 sec, f/18, ISO400, 55.00mm

down:1/125sec, f/18, ISO 400, 55.00mm

This shot appealed to me since it shows a range of perspectives. It shows the angle both from above and from the side. It demonstrates how high they are, as well as the various people and how they are all at different angles than the majority of them. I like because they are riding the same ride and they are all in a different position.


1/4000 sec, f/11, ISO 1600, m, 23.00mm

1/4000 sec, f/11, ISO 1600, m, 55.00mm

1/400sec, f/11,ISO 1600,m, 55.00mm