Portfolio Semester 2



  1. The difference between Raw and JPEG is that a RAW photograph is a larger image/file than JPEG is.
  2. The file that is bigger is RAW
  3.  You can turn RAW images into JPEG by exporting them through Lightroom.
  4. I would use JPEG because i would be able to shoot more because RAW takes up more space.

Most influenced photos


The photo title ” The terror of War” was taken by Nick Ut. This child was a 9-year old little girl that was screaming running naked girl that was running towards him in so much pain . He was very confused on why she didn’t have any clothes on but it was because she was hit by the Napalm which caused to burn off her clothes and her skin. He then proceeded to try and save her life and taking her to a hospital. She did survive and is doing well now. I selected this photo because I find it crazy how she was in so much pain and if the photographer wasn’t there she wouldn’t be alive today to tell her story.

The title ” Starving child and Vulture” was taken by Kevin Carter. He had heard a whimpering which lead him to an “emaciated toddler”. When he was taking the photo the bird in the picture came along Kevin then proceeded to shoo away the bird because he couldn’t touch the baby because he carried many diseases. I selected this photo because I find it so sad how you can literally see the babies bones and how the bird is just waiting for the perfect moment to eat the child.

The title ” The burning Monk” photographed by Malcolm Browne. Malcom had watched two men monks drench this elderly man that is sitting down with gasoline. He then proceeded to take picture because he then in that moment realized that this was their way of protesting. I selected this photograph because the fact that he was getting burnt alive and just sitting there calmly, no screaming or running frightened me.

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